Above in the pictures "The red head and your sculptures


25050 Zone (BS) - Italy
Suggested period: all the year.
Characteristics of the path: simple path which winds through a fresh wood, along the old mule track which leads to the peak of “Monte Guglielmo”.
Today, people walking up to the place called „Goi de la Tromba – Polset“ just outside the village – along the old cobbled paving path going from Zone to the peak of Monte Guglielmo (trail sign nr. 227-227A) – will meet a series of imaginary creatures, with mostly fairy tale-like forms.
The tale begins in just that village called Zone where a singular artist lives, known by all as the “Redhead” (Luigi Zatti being his native name).
His artistic feeling, together with a strong imagination, brought him into the world of the Wood: i.e. the Gnomes.
People say that, after an intimate meeting, they whispered to him their wish of becoming, through his hand, the visible sentinels of their marvellous wood.
The trunks of some cut trees, with their roots anchored to the ground, have been transformed in many marvellous and imaginary characters. An army of sentinels made up mostly by gnomes in love, prosperous mothers, patriarchs and big matrons, but also bears, wolves, hares, frogs, foxes, cats and even “Pinocchio” are admitted as sentinels of the place.
Walking through this path you are carried away by wonderful emotions, while continuing into the beautiful crowded wood and admiring that marvellous illustrated tale. People endowed with a strong sensitivity and skill, can even perceive their dialogues.
Thanks to the magic wood even climbing becomes easier for both children and adults and you might also happen to see the amusing “Red artist” at work - equipped with the necessary tools – while transforming the trunks into sentinels.